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Douglas C. Mayo is a Louisiana licensed architect with over 30 years experience in providing a variety of services related to buildings and construction. He has designed numerous buildings including new and renovated residences, retail, offices, historic, institutional, and industrial projects. He was also involved in the 1984 Louisiana World’s Fair as a Construction Coordinator.


His residential projects have involved many different styles and construction methods. He has worked extensively in historic neighborhoods and won awards from the Historic District Landmarks Commission and the Vieux Carre Commission for his renovations and new construction. He has designed houses using wood framing, steel framing, SIPS panels, and panelized frame construction.


Programming and space planning experience includes large corporate and institutional clients. Examples of large projects include the programming and space planning for the merger of two major banks involving over 160,000 square feet of office and retail banking area. Programming for new institutional clients includes the RTA facility on Canal Street which involved re-locating departments from several different locations to a new central facility.


Through his architectural practice he has provided due diligence services and property condition surveys on commercial and residential properties throughout the United States, from California to Florida. These services have been performed for purchasers and lenders to help them evaluate the condition of buildings. The properties include single family residences, large multifamily complexes, shopping centers, office towers, four-star hotels, industrial and storage properties. In addition, he has provided construction monitoring services for lenders on a variety of projects.


As a board member of community-based organizations he has been involved in revitalization projects to improve New Orleans neighborhoods. As a board member of Community Visions they were responsible for improving over 40 abandoned or deteriorated homes in a New Orleans neighborhood. In 1998, the organization was recognized with a “Point of Light” award by President Clinton. He was a board member of the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association before and after the devastation of Lakeview by Hurricane Katrina and assisted in the comeback of the neighborhood.


He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Tulane University.


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